In today’s article we want to give some advice against the feeling of being isolated when working from home. This specific form of working will continue to intensify thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. It already became a controversial issue within social debates.

First emphasis is placed on resulting health damages while working from home. Working in front of the computer alone for several hours can make you sick according to unanimous opinion from experts. Not only physical symptoms like neck pain or backache result from a non-ergonomically equipped workspace at home, but there are also some other ones.

Reduce the feeling of loneliness when working from home

Feeling lonely when working from home is a serious problem. Isolation and the loss of social contacts can occur as physical consequences when working from home permanently.

Not everybody can cope with this situation likewise, so there are different ways to handle it. If you feel that your psyche and mood changes when working from home, you should counter it as soon as possible so no serious depressive mood can result.

There are definitely some options benefiting your physical health and level-headedness.

Make use of diverse possibilities for virtual contacting

Tipps gegen Einsamkeit im Homeoffice

Tip: video calls reduce the feeling of loneliness when working from home

For some, working from home is a welcoming variety to their usual working day at a company. But for others, it means a growing burden as not everybody is hard-wired for working from home all alone and only being able to connect virtually.

Getting distracted at home, e.g., by children or other relatives, can cause a counterproductive working method and might be a burden for yourself. Often, possible risks for the own mental balance and productivity are still underestimated.

Having a daily chat with colleagues and sitting together at work during lunch is being missed.

Working from home often becomes a personal burden after the initial which might makes you feel lonely and isolated. Due to the lack of social interaction, it is absolutely important to stay in contact with them colleagues virtually..

Spend breaks outside the house if possible

Online meetings, email communication and regular calls now and then create a sense of intimacy, even in times of distance due to working from home. That is why those possibilities should be best done by turns. By that, the feeling of loneliness stays away for some time.

Taking regular breaks when working from home is very important too. Even if being alone, they should best be spent outside. Because daylight brightens the mood and conscious breathing exercises supply the body with more oxygen and increases the productivity.

Daily breaks should therefore be seen as a ritual to recharge one’s batteries.

Many employees can concentrate even better when listening to some background music. Those ambient noise is common in most office spaces and no longer noticed. But when working from home there suddenly might be some silence. To avoid this, you can put on some quite background music, e.g., turn on the radio for increasing concentration and banishing solitude.

Meet virtually to spend lunch together

Working from home requires an organised plan and structure. Employees working from home need to take care of that on their own whereas the work routine in the office was given. According to psychologists, the self-organisation of the day when working from home is essential in order to avoid loneliness.

If setting a well occupied structure for the upcoming working hours, you will be more productive, and time will fly for sure. Taking this workflow home can be helpful in order to not feel lonely.

By no later than the lunch break it is made clear that there is no lively canteen at home for chatting with colleagues. As most feel the same, meeting for lunch virtually might be an acceptable solution. So, everybody will sit at his own table, nobody is going to eat alone.

Organise the workspace at home according to your personal needs

Einsamkeit im Homeoffice vermeiden

Loneliness when working from home: if you feel comfortable in your workspace at home, time without any contacting gets bridged easier.

Anyone who works from home should feel comfortable by doing so. The working environment is an essential factor to prevent loneliness. Therefore, it is worth organising the workspace at home not only efficient but rather ergonomic and comfortable too.

Because someone who feels comfortable at his workspace is in a better mood. It is even more useful to put up some pictures of friends and family near the workspace at home. As it has been proven this ensures feeling less lonely.

Work and free time should be separated. So, working in a separated room within your flat is always preferred to sitting at the kitchen table.

But not everybody has an own room intended to use for working at home. If not, there should be at least a corner set up solely for working.

Do not neglect planning and structuring your working day at home

Einsamkeit im Homeoffice - Tipps

Even in the case of feeling lonely, having a structured working day ahead can be very helpful.

Even if working from home, hobbies and sports should not be neglected. Pursuing a good work life balance is especially crucial for your health and well-being when working from home. If being creative, some hobbies can also be done at home.

As we have seen in Italy where people stand on their balconies and make music together, feeling lonely can be easily forgotten due to making such simple contact to your neighbours.

It is well known that doing sports lightens up the mood. That is why you should do a power workout once a day as many effective exercises can also be carried out without any equipment.

Feeling lonely is even more worse if you don’t plan anything to do after work. That is why it is most important to put an end to the working day at home. For example, meeting friends and relatives, having a games night, cooking a delicious meal, or watching a movie together.

Always be positive and avoid negative thoughts

Apart from this, it has been shown that pets can be crucial for getting rid of loneliness when working from home. If having one with you at home, doesn’t matter if dog, cat, or bird, this can cause feeling less lonely.

Dog-owner can spend their break having a walk outside with some fresh air. In the end, it is also important to consider your personal attitude and thoughts staying positive even when you feel lonely at home.

It is always about the way you rate something. Feeling lonely is neither positive nor negative but our thoughts define the way we feel.

There is a huge difference between being alone and loneliness. It depends on the way you valuate things and your personal situation. There are for sure also things be worth to focus on when working from home which maybe were loosed out when working in the office.

It is only important to always make yourself aware of having the possibility to get to know your colleagues in a different kind of way when working from home. It is also possible to save the stressful commute by car or finally initiate projects missed out in the past.

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