Mastermind group: In today’s article we will show you the advantages and possibilities of what is known as mastermind groups.

What is a mastermind group?

A mastermind group is a group of two up to five people who want to achieve certain goals together. The members also support each other with problems, exchange information about common interests or encourage each other to achieve greater and greater successes.

A mastermind group can thus also be described as a small network where people with similar interests meet and exchange ideas.

For whom are mastermind groups useful?

Mastermind group: advantages and possibilities 2

Mastermind groups are an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people.

Mastermind groups are ideal for all people who are pursuing goals and would like to exchange ideas with others in order to continuously expand their business, their personality or their expertise.

However, these groups are particularly useful for people who cannot find the adequate interlocutors for their concerns in their own social environment. Doesn’t matter if it is related to a possible self-employment, the goals they would like to pursue or the exchange with people who have made the same experiences.


Advantages of a mastermind group

A mastermind group offers numerous advantages for each individual member:

  1. Probably the biggest advantage is the gain of mutual support. Through the group’ s solidarity, each individual member is empowered and thus gains self-confidence as well as the incentive to achieve greater goals, since there are people behind you who push you on.
  2. In addition, the groups serve for the exchange of knowledge. Through many different people, a lot of information can be shared among each other. It is a give-and-take. Each participant in the group makes his or her knowledge available to the others for use and receives information from the others in return.
  3. Another great advantage of a group is the feedback you get from the other participants. People are often critical themselves or perhaps don’t see progress too quickly. Through a neutral opinion from others, one can reflect on oneself much better and develop his/her own strategies.

Which topics are suitable for mastermind groups?

Mastermind group: advantages and possibilities 3

There are many possibilities to find a mastermind group. But usually, they can be found online.

Basically, the groups are ideal for all topics that pursue the goal of professional, personal, or general professional growth and improvement.

However, they are particularly suitable for professional fields of freelancers, self-employed or individual entrepreneurs. It is because people in these professions are often on their own and thus have little exchange with colleagues.

The mastermind groups are a good way to work out solutions together with others which are often not directly apparent to the individual. With the help of the group, one’s own marketing can be improved, and products can be sold better.

By finding new marketing channels, the start or even the desire to become self-employed can be encouraged. Perhaps the courage to take the step of publishing a product is missing. In this case, the affirmation of others can support to do so.

But regular employees can reach the goal of advancement or further education through a group of like-minded people too.

People who want to achieve private goals can find the necessary motivation and drive by joining a group as well. Whether it is losing weight, doing more sport, or working on oneself personally.

Within the group, goals are set that are to be achieved. At regular intervals, participants can check whether their current strategy is leading them closer to their goals or whether they should change something in their implementation. The other participants can then support you in finding solutions and motivate you to hang in there.

How do I find a suitable mastermind group for myself?

The good news is that there are always opportunities to join a mastermind group and find the right one for you.

There will always be people pursuing the same or similar goals and want to exchange ideas. And if you don’t find the right group for you, you can simply start a new one yourself that others can join and connect to.

Groups can be formed quickly, especially via social networks such as Facebook. It is also possible to join existing groups and thus quickly find connections. Another option is to find like-minded people via search engines such as Google, Bing, and Co.

Which values are important for a successful mastermind group?

Mastermind-Gruppe: Vorteile und Möglichkeiten

Mastermind group: mutual trust is important since private business information gets shared.

Probably the most important value of a mastermind group is mutual trust. Not only personal but also business matters are often discussed among each other. Therefore, they should remain within the group only.

One should be able to trust the other participants to the extent that all information received is also kept to oneself.
Each member should be on approximately an equal level as the other ones. Otherwise, the group will quickly develop into a teaching group that provides a lot of knowledge to the individual but in return no one else can benefit from an exchange.

Discipline is also important for the group to remain sustainable. The purpose behind a group is regular exchange. If individual members do not show up regularly for arranged meetings, this is not only annoying for the members but also creates a bad mood and takes away other people’s place in the mastermind group.

In addition, members should have stamina. Achieving goals together will only work if people persevere. Demotivated people also have a negative effect on the others and can thus completely ruin the purpose of the group, namely mutual motivation, and reinforcement.

Team spirit is an aspect that completes a group as well. In the mastermind group it is in fact the case that each individual participant can only make progress if they work well together as a team to find the best ideas by brainstorming together.

How do these meetings take place?

The advantage of a mastermind group is that meetings easily can be hold online. This is especially practical if the individual participants of the group live further distance from each other.

In addition, the times of the meetings can be arranged much more spontaneously and integrated into everyday life more easily for each participant. Some mastermind groups hold weekly consultations to reflect on the past week.

Others meet only once a month. There is no guideline for how often a mastermind group needs to meet in order to be effective. It depends on the individual members how often they want to meet.

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