Cleaning the office chair: stains on the office chair can be quite persistent. In today’s article we will give you some tips on how to clean your office chair.

Attention! When cleaning the office chair, especially the gas spring should be handled with care at any time! Avoid using any chemicals on this sensible component because they can cause considerable injuries for you or others!

The following instruction only serves as a guideline and we don’t accept responsibility for any damage resulting to your office chair. If there is no information about cleaning and cleaner in general available, in doubt always require to the chair’s manufacturer. We would be pleased to request this information for you as well.

Cleaning office chairs consisting of cloth or mesh material cover

Bürostühle mit Stoffbezug reinigen

Office chairs with a cover made of cloth are easier to clean than those of mesh material.

Cleaning instructions

You yourself should clean an office chair with cloth cover minimum once a year or instead instruct a cleaning business to do so. A lot of dust, pollutants, and perspiration gets infiltrated into the cover and due to the resulting friction, the office chair’s fabric fibres can get damaged. Office chairs covered with mesh material are more difficult to clean than chairs with covers of cloth. Best is to use a hoover in order to remove minor pollutants.

Cleaning the seat

Only clean the office chairs seat with a foam cleaner or a special upholstery cleaner. Always pay attention to the care instructions from the manufacturer and the instructions written on the cleaner.

  • Before starting, test the cleaner on a discreet spot of the office chair.
  • Before using the foam cleaner, you should vacuum the seat and its rest with the hoover. By that, superficial dirt or loose dust gets removed.
  • The next step will be to loosen ingrained dirt with the help of a scrubbing brush. Loosened dirt can be vacuumed as well.
  • Not until then, the foam cleaner gets applied: spray the office chair with the cleaner generously and apply it to the cover and upholstery with a sponge.
  • The cleaner has to be completely dried before vacuuming loosened dirt with the hoover afterwards.
  • The scrubbing brush gets used once again to remove final leftovers of the cleaner and ingrained dirt from the office chair.
  • Depending on how dirty your office chair is, you have to repeat the mentioned steps a few times.
  • Cleaning the office chair 2

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Cleaning leather-upholstered office chairs

Office chairs with a leather upholstery require a special cleaning. You should not use any aggressive cleaner because this will damage the leather. Most of the time, a moistened cloth is sufficient for removing stains and dirt.

But the cloth should be not too wet because therefore, unpleasant water stains will occur on the leather. It is best to follow the care instructions of the manufacturer, or request for them.

For worse staining, you can use a leather conditioner. They are available on Amazon for example. But please consider the office chair’s care instructions before application!

Cleaning the casters of the office chair

Often, hair snarls up in the casters. Therefore, the office chair can’t roll properly. Here is how to clean the office chair’s casters very easily:

  • Loose casters from the base (just yank without any tool)
  • Place a scissor or a sharp screwdriver on the axis, next to the caster
  • Slowly spin the caster – the blade should sever the hair as it slowly loses from the caster
  • The hair can alternatively be burnt using a lighter. But only do it briefly because otherwise the caster gets damaged.

Maintenance and care of the office chair

Bürostuhl reinigen und pflegen

It really will be worth it, cleaning and taking care of the office chair regularly.

If you take care of your office chair regularly, you will most likely have pleasure in it for a long time. Undoubtedly, it is best to avoid stains and dirt in general.

But often, this is easier said than done. You should remove stains from hot beverages or a pen immediately. The longer these stains remain on the cloth cover, the harder they are to remove later on. Recent dirt is easier to remove completely.

Check the screws regularly

Every six months, you should check if your office chair has any loose screws or nuts. While sitting on it on a daily basis they can loosen and cause injuries in the worst case. Pay attention to faulty casters or cracks on essential pieces.

The inspection of the office chair often takes only a few seconds but improves the safety at the workplace. You can replace any faulty parts or instead ask the manufacturer whether your office chair still has guarantee.

Improve the lifecycle of the office chair

For your office chair staying nicely as long as possible, you can consider a few basic things. In order for the colour not fading and the chair looking shabby, you should screen it from direct sunlight.

Also placing it right next to the heating, will make the chair look used more quickly. If you take these tips and clean you chair and check it for damage regularly, you will have pleasure in it for a long time.

Brief instruction on how to clean the office chair

With the help of this instruction, you will get dirt off your office chair upholstered with cloth.

  1. Observe cleaning instructions listed in the office chair’s instruction!
  2. Don’t apply any household remedies such as shaving foam.
  3. Firstly, brush off superficial dirt with a brush/ or remove with the hoover
  4. Apply upholstery cleaner exactly as written in the instruction – before doing so, test on a discreet spot
  5. Repeat if necessary

You can also download our free pdf file instruction “Cleaning the office chair” here:


We have researched all information regarding the cleaning to the best of our knowledge and conscience. We will not assume any liability for resulting damages occurring due to the appliance of our cleaning instructions. Before any attempt to clean, please consult the office chairs instruction, or ask the office chair’s manufacturer for cleaning instructions!

Rather avoid using household remedies

There are a lot of tips online on how to clean the seat of office chairs with cleaning foam. We strongly advise against doing so because otherwise there will occur ugly water stains which often make it even worse. You will get over the small purchase of an upholstery cleaner more easily in contrast to a damaged office chair.

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